Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tattoo Festival - A Success!

What a great time we had at the Tattoo Festival this past weekend!  We met some super people, sold some of our wares, and saw some interesting things!
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It was a three day show, and those were some long days!  Friday is always a great time to meet the other artists, the foot traffic was slow towards the end of the night so we watched the side show including two people that were suspended by large hooks inserted into their skin and hoisted in the air!  It was really cool!

Saturday was great, we did a decent number of sales and continued to meet people, but Sunday was completely amazing!  We were up early and watched a show on the Science Channel called Ingenious Minds.  This particular episode was about a man named Derek Amato.  The show asks the question, "Derek Amato hits his head while catching a football, and can then play the piano perfectly, even though had never touched a piano before. Can a head injury actually reveal dormant talents in humans?"  It was quite an inspiring story, if you have never heard/read it, I highly recommend it, as well as his book, “My Beautiful Disaster”.
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At any rate, we went to the last day of our show and a few minutes after we got there Jack came back from a break and stated, "You'll never guess who I just met!  Derek Amato!"  We got to spend some time with him, what a fantastic person!  I am designing a bracelet for him, which I will be sure to share here when it is finished.  Its so good to make new friends!

Jack's dream catchers were a huge hit, we sold almost all we brought with us.  And of course he is out on the front porch making more as I write this.  The man has never heard of a day off!  Not complaining though!

My owl themed pieces went fast too.  In particular, I made a necklace out of an Adventurine slice and the girl who bought it looked like it was made just for her!  It was meant to be, I hope you can see it in the picture, it is simply perfect for her!
The Tattoo Fest was a success, and as usual we learned a few things along the way.  We learned that we should have gotten a Square credit card account a long time ago, as we have had to turn people away that did not have cash in the past.  We learned that you most definitely have to find your niche when it comes to this craft show thing.  The Tattoo Fest crowd was more in our wheel house than many of the other shows we have done.  We learned that the people you meet are more important than the money you make, but don't get me wrong, a little cash is a nice thing!  The next big show we are doing is the Reggae Fest in Buckroe Beach, VA on May 17th.  Then we will be appearing at the BBQ Festival in Fredericksburg, VA June 27-29.  We may pick up a small show or two in between, I will be sure to keep you in the know!  Take care!

Jack & Jill
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